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What Is The "Wall Street Rebel" Award?

In November 2020, I noticed something Incredible...

the beginning

Tons of members were launching hyper successful funds...

Ranging from $10mm-$1.2B+ in IFS's 1st Year!

Something I wasn't expecting for at least another year.

This is a huge deal for any fund manager!

And I wanted to give these thriving members a special keepsake and recognition for this milestone.

how it started

Thus, the Path-Less-Traveled/1%/Like-Mike Award was born.

To me, shoes represent a lot more than a tool to protect your feet.

They represent an entire journey and story...

With pain, joy, success, failure, and everything in between.

Every time I hit a milestone in my company, I buy a pair of shoes that serve as a memory of that chapter.

I thought it was only fitting to extend this tradition to our most successful IFS students as well.

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